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Top tips for hiring a car in Bali

International Driver’s Permit

To legally drive in Bali, you must hold an International Driver’s Permit or a Balinese licence. It is not legal to drive in Bali with a driver’s licence from another country. If you are caught driving without an IDP, you can face a fine of up to 980 ฿ (£22). It is also possible to get a short-term Balinese licence, but these are only available to those visiting on a long-term Balinese visa. A temporary licence will cost you around 980 ฿ (£22). You can also purchase an IDP online before you travel. This usually costs around £10. Remember to also take your national driver’s licence with you when you drive in Bali as you will need to provide both if you get stopped.

Car Insurance

If you hire a car in Bali, it is a good idea to purchase insurance options when you book your vehicle. This will prevent any liability on your part if the car is damaged in any way. Many car hire agencies provide in-built third-party protection on hire vehicles. However, there are sometimes additional insurance options that you can book for a small fee. As roads in Bali can be busy and quite chaotic, it is worth having additional coverage to set your mind at ease.

Drive on the left-hand side

Like the UK, in Bali people drive on the left-hand side of the road. This means that most Balinese cars are fitted with right-hand steering. This makes driving in Bali easier to get used to than countries where they drive on the right and makes navigating things like left turns and roundabouts a lot easier.

Good to Know When You’re Visiting Bali

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Booking an SUV is a great idea so you can take a group on a tour of the city’s attractions. This is also a great vehicle to keep your group comfortable in freeway traffic jams. To save on gas, book a compact car.
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